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Is Your Healthcare MSP Over-Committed?

First, let’s start with a definition of MSP.  According to the Staffing Industry Analysts: Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a service whereby a company takes on primary responsibility ...
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The Incestuous Nature of Healthcare Staffing VMS/MSP

Managed service providers (MSP) utilizing vendor management systems (VMS)  have been a part of US commerce for decades, starting with Ford Motor Company and moving across all market ...

The Solution Is Usually Right in Front of Us

“The solution is usually sitting right in front of us.” Our CEO, Cynthia Pasky, says this to us all the time, and she’s right. Sometimes, we MSP providers forget that the typical ...

Not Your Father’s Staffing Industry

Recruiting and software don’t always get along. This isn’t to say that recruiters aren’t tech-savvy – quite the contrary, as they were among the first to embrace techniques ...

Client or Prospect … How About Both? The Thin Line of MSP Sales

Client or prospect, target or customer? Which is it? Would you believe both? In the ever-expanding universe of the MSP model, once very delineated parts of the staffing industry are now ...

A Delicate Balance: Allowing Suppliers Direct Access

A recent Staffing Industry Analysts report cited 20 percent Canadian market penetration of master service provider (MSP) programs. While this number is much smaller than the 50 percent ...
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Total Talent Solutions: A Tale of Two Geographies

For years, talent providers have been interested in offering both employee and non-employee (recruitment process outsourcing and managed service) solutions.  Despite the increase in ...

Forget about Procurement and HR: How about Sales and Service Delivery?

Nobody has enjoyed the friendly debate over the last few years on where contingent workforce program responsibility should sit, HR or Procurement. I wrote about it two years ago just ...

Employee Turnover as a KPI: Are You Getting the Whole Truth?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a major component of any MSP engagement, and most companies rely heavily on their KPIs to determine whether their MSP program is achieving the ...

Do You Have a Plan B If Your VMS Provider is Sold?

You have just learned that the company providing your contingent workforce vendor management system (VMS) has been acquired. What impact will that have on you? The sad truth is that ...
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