Gary Campbell Gary Campbell
Gary Campbell is the principal at Impact2Lead, a leadership development and contingent workforce consultancy, and CEO of Johnson Health Center.

Forget about Procurement and HR: How about Sales and Service Delivery?

Nobody has enjoyed the friendly debate over the last few years on where contingent workforce program responsibility should sit, HR or Procurement. I wrote about it two years ago just ...

What To Consider When Bringing the MSP Back In-House

A few days ago, a question was posed on LinkedIn about how the traditional MSP models were adapting as clients moved towards bringing programs in house. Essentially the question was ...

Selecting the Right Contingent Workforce Consultant

I was having a conversation a few days back with a former colleague around our favorite topic, contingent workforce solutions. We tossed around ideas that would surely revolutionize ...

Contingent Workforce Programs, Prices Starting At ….

On June 29, a fierce storm blew through much of the East Coast and touched down in my town, leaving us without power for six of the hottest days on record. Since then, I have been aggressively ...

Penn State’s Challenge … and Contingents?

Rarely does something happen in our society that captures the attention of so many people from so many angles. By now everyone is well aware of the travesty surrounding the participants ...

Program Leadership: HR or Procurement?

Program Leadership: HR or Procurement? There are many debates, discussion boards, blogs, etc., on who should own the contingent workforce management program. A recent article noted ...
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