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Tammi Heaton is COO of PrideStaff. She can be reached at theaton (at) pridestaff (dot) com.


To Be a Leader in Staffing, Here Are Some Things You Need to Do

Do you have passion for the industry? Yep. Follow through on commitments? Check. Are you a great communicator? Absolutely. All of these elements are essential to being a successful ...
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Get Rid of Unwritten Internal Rules

Documented policies and procedures guide many of the tasks staffing employees work on. And with good reason – written rules are absolutely essential to running a successful business! But ...
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How Staffing Firms Can Create Better Internal Culture

Free snacks in the break room? Dog-friendly workplaces? On-site laundry? These are a few of the perks employers like Google and Warby Parker offer to improve corporate culture. Admittedly, ...

Ghosting: How to Keep Great Candidates from Pulling a Disappearing Act

Ever have a romantic interest suddenly cut off all contact with you – with no warning or explanation at all? It hurts, right? And the social trend has a name: ghosting. According ...

Money Pit: Two Big Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

It’s a remarkable time to be in our industry: Since the recovery from the recession began in July of 2009, staffing employment has grown three and a half times faster than the ...

How One Bad Long-Term Contract Can Wipe Out Years of Profits

Staffing is red-hot right now. An improving economy and tightening candidate market have created a serious sweet spot for staffing agencies that can quickly – and consistently – ...

Most Important Soft Skills of a Staffing Manager

That recruiter is an absolute genius at sourcing hard-to-find candidates. And that sales rep? He breaks into accounts others couldn’t crack for years. They’re great at their ...

3 Reasons Your Candidate Intake Process Stinks

You wrote a great job description. The pay is on track with other positions. The company you’re recruiting for is desirable. But you’re just not having any luck getting ...
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High-Payoff Activities in the Staffing Industry

Spending too much time spinning your wheels? You know what I mean. Putting out fires. Attending to low-priority tasks. Managing inefficient sales people and processes that don’t ...

Raising the Bar: Ensuring Service Consistency in Staffing

What’s on your list of 2015 business objectives? Winning new clients? Expanding into new markets? Increasing client and candidate retention? What about “ensuring service ...
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