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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the essence of what you do and how you do it. It can set you apart from your competition and help avoid pricing your services as a commodity. You likely have ...
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Tackling the Four Biggest Culprits Blocking a Huge ROI from Marketing

I think that it’s fair to say that we were shocked. It appears that there’s not a lot of joy in ROI-town. We recently completed a survey of marketing and sales practices of staffing ...

Conducting A Background Check: 4 Things You Should Ask Yourself

Here’s a scenario that might be all too familiar: You’ve pulled out all the stops to identify, interview and potentially place one or two skilled candidates, but suddenly your ...

Want a More Effective Leadership Team? Take These Three Actions

The staffing industry by its very nature is a very reactionary business. When a client needs to fill a position, they typically need someone immediately. Every time the phone rings, ...

5 applications that recruiters must use

Recruiting can be a real grind. Whether you’re working the phones to find new clients or finding candidates to fill your open roles, it often seems like there is not an extra second ...

Physician Staffing Shortages? Locum Tenens To The Rescue

Nearly every staffing manager or recruiter has faced a physician shortage. The position is tenuous – do you require more of your existing staff, or risk lapses in care for fear of ...

Preparing for Brexit with New Talent Borders

How will the talent and skills landscape in the UK change leading up to and post-Brexit? Last June, the world woke up to a vote by the citizens of the United Kingdom deciding to withdraw ...

Understand Labor Effects in an Uncertain Climate

In 2005, Staffing Industry Analysts held the very first CWS Summit in Chicago. Attendees were passionate about the world of work and enthusiastic about the possibilities of managing ...

Staffing Firms Face Growing Threat of Data Breaches

It can be a staffing company’s worst nightmare— the discovery that hackers have infiltrated its computer networks and made off with job candidates’ personal information and other ...
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Women in the Workforce and the Role of Data

Women’s issues have taken center stage throughout the last year and even more so within the last several months. The conversation gained steam when Hillary Clinton became the first ...
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