Michael Neidle Michael Neidle
Michael Neidle is president and CEO of Optimal Management, an advisor to staffing firm owners and managers.


Identify Smoldering Problems Before They Flare Up

Everyone has situations that require their attention. Many people work on the problem that hits their desk first and procrastinate with those things they dislike (like taxes). Others ...

How World Events Can Affect Even Domestic Staffing Firms

Most domestic companies tend to concentrate on their local market and not pay much attention to what is happening around the world and in the area of international business. But even ...

How Staffing Can Benefit from the 3D Print Manufacturing Revolution

Ready or not, there is a sea change coming in manufacturing. It is 3D printing, which is expected to be the next trillion dollar industry; that’s right, $1 trillion within the next ...
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Are You Building Sales, Profits or Company Value?

We are always striving to grow, but grow what? There is a big difference between building sales, profits and company value. They may all be integrated, but they need not be. Let’s ...

Why Are You in Staffing?

One would hope your reasons for being in staffing are: 1. You know something about staffing, that is getting orders and filling them. 2. You enjoy what you are doing for a living day ...
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Why Small and Midsize Companies Become Large

Did you ever wonder why small companies want to grow? Large companies are a headache and have complex personnel, accounting and legal issues. But most people want to grow. Why? Having ...

The Next Big Idea

Doing the same thing may allow you to stay in business, but it is the big idea that will separate you from your competitors and allow you to maximize your sales, profits and value of ...

Win-Win Compensation Plans

It would be desirable if owners and staff worked toward common objectives. An owner’s goal is to achieve growth, maximize profit and increase the value of their company. Employees ...
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