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Kay Colson is VP, service delivery, Texas Children's Hospital, Kinetix. She can be reached at kcolson (at) kinetixhr (dot) com.


Total Talent Solutions: Technology Enables Efficiency and Effectiveness

For integrated talent acquisition solutions to work, it was clear that technology is a key factor. Ever since Y2K closed out the 20th century and the IT industry propelled us into ...

Total Talent Solutions: Planning Strategically for a Total Workforce

U.K. and U.S. companies are becoming increasingly interested in an integrated approach to talent acquisition. Suppliers observe that since the recession, more workers in the U.K. are ...

Total Talent Solutions: A Tale of Two Geographies, Part 2

I recently posted there are differences between the U.K. and the U.S. in terms of combining managed service and recruitment process outsourcing solutions into one integrated approach. ...
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Total Talent Solutions: A Tale of Two Geographies

For years, talent providers have been interested in offering both employee and non-employee (recruitment process outsourcing and managed service) solutions.  Despite the increase in ...
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Big Data Must Be Meaningful

Big data is everywhere. Innovative technologists are introducing new solutions and tools daily, enticing us to “cut through the big data clutter” and “access timely and accurate ...
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Leveraging the 21st Century Workforce

The contract labor force is growing twice as rapidly as the traditional workforce. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also added that this is projected to comprise more than 35 percent ...

Best Practices When Adopting an RPO Model

Are you thinking about outsourcing your recruitment process? It can be a viable approach for the right company and yield great rewards. To make the optimal decision, there are two key ...
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Why Hire an Employee or Contingent Worker?

“Why do you care?” That was the question posed by an Atlanta thought leader during a great discussion about the increased use of contingent workers. His point was “If you need ...
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Recruiting CRM: How do recruiters “keep candidates warm”?

It sounds like a great idea … find them, court them and then hire them when the time is right … but does that really happen? Every client wants a pipeline fully of great passive ...
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Recruiter Location … How Important?

It’s a fact today that recruiters work remotely from their “clients,” — the hiring managers and candidates they represent — they spend most of their time on the Internet ...
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