Three Ways Payments Can Help Counter Marketplace Disintermediation

Acting as digital trading posts, online marketplaces provide businesses and freelancers with platforms to buy/sell services and goods. Whether it’s Uber, Etsy or Upwork, the result ...
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Win-Win Comp Plans

Did you ever think that instead of giving a person an annual raise, it would be much better to empower them to give themselves a raise with a “win-win” comp plan? In today’s low-inflation ...

Want Less Stress? Eliminate Your Internal Hiring Delays

Delays are costly. Retailers without product on hand lose business. Manufacturers lacking enough materials can’t build what buyers need. Customer service teams without enough personnel ...
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Right Pricing

What is “right pricing?” It is pricing not to maximize your margin, but to maximize your profits. Many companies price their products and services to get the highest margin rate. ...

The Future of Staffing May Lead to the Past

Remember the day when employers hired and fired all their own workers? Yes, the era preceding the staffing industry as we know it today. Not to be nostalgic, but there are forces at ...

Aligning Technology to Business Outcomes in Staffing (Part 2)

When I was asked to share more about nemawashi (as featured in part 1 of this series), I did not hesitate as I know firsthand the benefits that I’ve seen in my life and while serving ...

Hey workforce professionals! Is it time to clean up your language?

Food for thought, going forward we need to make sure the expertise we are sharing is truly in our wheelhouse, and out of the box or we might find ourselves in the parking lot! As trained ...

When to Walk Away From Business

Do you accept the proposition that all business is not necessarily good business? Or do you pursue new orders so aggressively that you are not able walk away from a bad deal? If you ...

The Phone Isn’t Dead Yet!

This is my 19th year in staffing and for the last five years, I keep reading more e-mails and articles proclaiming that trying to initiate and conduct staffing transactions through ...

We Came in NOTHING Again!

“Unfortunately, we come in nothing more often than anything else.”  This is a direct quote from one of our clients during a win/loss analysis of their pipeline. At first, I laughed ...
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