When to Walk Away From Business

Do you accept the proposition that all business is not necessarily good business? Or do you pursue new orders so aggressively that you are not able walk away from a bad deal? If you ...

The Phone Isn’t Dead Yet!

This is my 19th year in staffing and for the last five years, I keep reading more e-mails and articles proclaiming that trying to initiate and conduct staffing transactions through ...

We Came in NOTHING Again!

“Unfortunately, we come in nothing more often than anything else.”  This is a direct quote from one of our clients during a win/loss analysis of their pipeline. At first, I laughed ...
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Retaining Top Sales Reps

In today’s highly competitive world for talent what does one need to do to retain their top people? Everything starts with sales and without top tier business development personnel ...

Gearing Up for a Breakout Year

Every year, I and several other staffing professionals write articles and columns trying to rejuvenate individual performers on how to improve on previous years’ performances and ...

Does “Cold Calling” Really Work?

A sizeable number of people actively involved in marketing and sales have concluded that “cold calling” is, or should be, a thing of the past. But not everyone believes this to ...

Motivational Targets

Do you create different goals as well as a budget or profit plan to run your company? Most people run more than one set of projections to manage their company, each with a different ...

Smart Bidding: Don’t Be Used By Prospects

Have given a potential client a proposal, only for it to be used by them to negotiate a better rate with your competitors? It is unfortunately a rather common practice, but not something ...
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How to Accelerate the Sales Rep Learning Curve

Hiring a new employee is always an investment, but hiring a sales person typically requires an even greater outlay before you see a return. This is due to several factors, including ...

Active Campaigns Key to Sales Success

The heart and soul of my sales methodology is a term called “Active Campaign,” which is when a sales executive has a “to do” triggered in their CRM associated with a particular ...
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