Total Talent Solutions: A Tale of Two Geographies

round the worldFor years, talent providers have been interested in offering both employee and non-employee (recruitment process outsourcing and managed service) solutions.  Despite the increase in global demands and C-suite focus on continued critical skills shortage, we have yet to see a mad dash signaling this as the next big thing.

In talking with companies that have combined the two services and their providers, I have learned the U.K. appears to be leading the charge with far more evidence of adoption.

Since the downturn U.K. companies are more open to using contingent workers and conversely, workers are more like to consider contract work.  The U.K. market is less fettered by employment law than its European neighbors and integrated solutions may be aided by the recent AWR legislation, which forced companies to align titles, job descriptions and compensation for contingent and permanent positions in order to maintain compliance. Additionally, MSP is not as embedded as a cost savings play in the U.K., as it is considered a talent acquisition service; therefore expanding a current recruiting solution creatively isn’t a great leap. This has driven a more open minded attitude toward creative approaches toward talent acquisition.

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Aviva Plc, a U.K. insurance provider, has utilized Hyphen (now part of Adecco) for MSP and RPO since 2011.  All recruiting efforts are supported by Avature, HireVue and automated selection and assessment tools.

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) has engaged Allegis Global Solutions to provide an advanced service delivery model that would attract top talent, streamline workflows and processes, engage stakeholders, and span multiple countries under one blended RPO/MSP model.

Has your organization experienced similar success in the U.K.?  What opportunities or obstacles have you encountered?

Stay tuned for more to come in my next post on U.S. trends as well similarities between the U.S. and U.K.

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Kay Colson

Kay Colson
Kay Colson is VP, service delivery, Texas Children's Hospital, Kinetix. She can be reached at kcolson (at) kinetixhr (dot) com.

Kay Colson

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