Contingent Workforce Program Generations: Are Independent Contractors In or Out?

For every opinion there is on which generation across the maturity curve of utilizing non-employee labor your company is in today, what can be said with certainty is that there is no ...

The Confusing World of the Contingent Worker: “Time Worked”

As temporary workers increasingly represent a larger portion of the workforce, companies who retain the services of staffing agencies tend to focus on issues like pay rate, mark-up ...

Show Some Love: Connecting With Your Contingent Workforce

The trend of companies using contingent workers as a strategic portion of their workforce is continuing, with no end in sight. In addition to their full-time staff, many businesses ...
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How to Avoid the Pay Rate Switcheroo

If you have been working in the staffing industry for any length of time, you have probably encountered what I like to call the old “pay-rate switcheroo.” We are all familiar with ...
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Want Better-Performing Temps? Onboard Them

Take job descriptions, take matched skills and abilities, take high scores for aptitude, fit, or technology testing — take all the indicators that point toward success for a temporary ...
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Why Hire an Employee or Contingent Worker?

“Why do you care?” That was the question posed by an Atlanta thought leader during a great discussion about the increased use of contingent workers. His point was “If you need ...
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Maximizing Contingents with Effective Onboarding

Finding employees who can not only perform the job, but also are engaged and interested in your organization’s corporate culture and goals can be tough, even more so when they are ...
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Effective Contingent Worker On/Offboarding

Best-in-class organizations are 40 percent more likely to have effective onboarding and offboarding capabilities for their contingent labor according to the Aberdeen Group. Is your ...
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Engaging Contingents Amid Healthcare Innovation

Patients are using technology for health-related reasons at home, and forward-thinking physician practices and hospitals are incorporating digital technologies into how they deliver ...
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10 Best Practices for Supply Chain Vendor Management

Whether you’re in the process of identifying or implementing a vendor management solution (VMS), taking a best practices approach to contingent workforce management can help organizations ...
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