New Comprehensive Solution in the Contingent Staffing Space

executive-510491_640Is there a disruptive innovator in the workforce solutions space today supported by the a nationally recognized human resources consulting company? I believe there are a few who provide the millennium offering to manage contingent workforces providing multiple levels of support.

However, today’s workforce solutions contract labor space is comprised of a complex interwoven group of providers, no one of which provides a single comprehensive solution with the flexibility to meet both client, contractor and provider needs.

A master distributor that serves both industry clients, industry providers and independent contractors must have the goal is to serve the industry and provide a full range of cost-competitive solutions from recruiting-to-termination. They must be a Fortune 500-level Employer of Record (EOR) services provider.

A disruptive solution that provides corporate clients a turnkey approach including recruiting, engaging and managing contingent employees. With a solution using a sophisticated subscription recruiting model which quickly delivers highly vetted, qualified contractors, that hires the contingent workers as their employees (EOR), deploys them, provides high-quality HR support and benefits, and administers their day-to-day employment needs to retain those valuable individuals in support of the client.

Finally, contingent workers are treated as well or better as any Fortune 500 employee and will receive comparable benefits. In many cases, these advantages will substantially reduce or eliminate Department of Labor and ERISA concerns associated with contract employees and lead to greater retention of contingent workers. Clients want and need continuity of engagement with their contingent workers. Turnover among contingent workers hurts the client in getting the task or projects completed in a timely manner.

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In addition to its leading-edge recruiting, a master distributor must offer the following benefits and services to its EOR clients:

  • Reduced employment liability
  • A “”-type recruiting and selection solution
  • Multiple medical, dental and vision insurance options with consistent pricing across State lines
  • A full suite of voluntary insurance options
  • Multiple 401(k) retirement plans with and without safe harbor options
  • Workers compensation
  • A Powerful HRIS system
  • High touch HR administration and professional services
  • A sophisticated payroll, cost accounting and timekeeping system with GL reporting

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Wayne Surman
Wayne Surman, president and CEO of Milon Park Partners, is a serial entrepreneur with more than 17 years’ experience in the employment solutions space.

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