Susan Vitale Susan Vitale
Susan is CMO at iCIMS.

The Value of Recruiting on Facebook: Overcoming the Fear of Advertising Jobs on Facebook

As a thought leader in talent acquisition and a leading provider of social recruitment tools, iCIMS fields a lot of questions pertaining to the use of social media in recruitment.  ...

The “Me Me Me Generation” Fallacy

In early May, Time magazine had a cover feature dedicated to Generation Y titled “Millennials: The ME ME ME Generation.” The piece gave a broad description of the generation as ...

Effectively Sourcing and Recruiting Millennial Hires Through Social Media

Workforce demographics are changing. Right now, there are an estimated 80 million young adults (ages 18 – 29), commonly referred to as millennials, who are joining the workforce.  ...

Maximizing Contingents with Effective Onboarding

Finding employees who can not only perform the job, but also are engaged and interested in your organization’s corporate culture and goals can be tough, even more so when they are ...
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