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Dana Look-Arimoto, founder and CEO of Phoenix5 LLC, is an executive and leadership team coach, Talent Eco advisor, speaker and author of Stop Settling, Settle Smart: Rethinking Work-life Balance, Redesign Your Busy Life. She can be reached at dana (at) phoenix5th (dot) com.

Misconduct and Sexual Harassment in the Staffing Industry: A different training paradigm

When it comes to sexual harassment, the lack of confidence plays a huge role, and may even be a root cause as to why sexual harassment has become so wide-spread. Over time, with age ...

Misconduct and Sexual Harassment in the Staffing Industry: The Failure of Anti-Harassment Training

In my last post, I discussed how the staffing industry is similar to Hollywood in that its very nature leaves room for sexual misconduct, being a people business — and a highly competitive ...

Misconduct and Sexual Harassment in the Staffing Industry: The Problem

The world is waking up and raising their hand to say, “Me too.” Right now, more than ever, there’s a lens on the issue of harassment and sexual misconduct. Therefore, it’s an ...

Classify Right. A ‘Nonemployer’ of Choice

In today’s labor market, close to 30 percent of your total workforce is made up on nonemployees. Even otherwise good employers are failing both types of workers by inadvertently or ...

Contingent Worker Definitions – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

No wonder hiring managers are so confused. They just want to get their work done, products out the door and technology developed. Today, the non-employee labor space is plagued by everything ...

Contingent Workforce Program Generations: Are Independent Contractors In or Out?

For every opinion there is on which generation across the maturity curve of utilizing non-employee labor your company is in today, what can be said with certainty is that there is no ...

Unintended Consequences Along the Compliance Continuum Part II: 2014 Audit-Proofing Advice

In a previous post, I discussed the basics of the compliance environment and some proactive measures that can be taken to stay ahead of the storm; now, let’s refresh your memory. ...

Unintended Consequences Along the Compliance Continuum

Never before has there been an environment like the one our Fortune company clients are facing today. The long-heralded “perfect storm” was mostly marketing hype and fear selling ...
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