Effective Contingent Worker On/Offboarding

business directionBest-in-class organizations are 40 percent more likely to have effective onboarding and offboarding capabilities for their contingent labor according to the Aberdeen Group. Is your organization among these?

Processes and technology that improves time-to-productivity, and that protects physical and intangible assets, are often neglected for contingent workforces — and audits to benchmark these for all categories of third-party labor in your organization can reveal major gaps and inconsistencies.

A strong onboarding process will funnel all new contingent workers through a single initiation point, and enforce a standardized set of processes and procedures for all contingent workers, regardless of category of work, pay scale or geography. This involves three key steps:

  1. Map out stakeholders in the onboarding process — including your internal risk mitigation and compliance office — and ask them to participate in the early stages of benchmarking and review. This team will help to drive and support changes to onboarding policies and procedures, and help to solidify early and ongoing adoption within your enterprise.
  2. Assign an outsourced compliance support team to ensure that clear processes and protocols, as well as technology to reinforce those elements, are in effect. Define and enforce how compliance will be measured over time (i.e. who ensures audits are conducted and findings acted upon?). Some companies hire a dedicated contingent workforce manager to monitor the use of contingent labor and ensure compliance.
  3. Identify automation opportunities. Ensure technology offers, from a visibility standpoint, a fully auditable approval process. Visibility should include on-demand access to the full range of required documentation for each category of resource (e.g. drug
tests, background checks and signed NDAs) and the ability to visually verify reports were reviewed and signed.

How sound are your onboarding and offboarding processes for your contingent workforce? To find out, take a look at my new white paper, Mitigating and Managing Risk – Contingent Labor.

Eric Williams
Eric S. Williams is senior director, global product lead for KellyOCG's Services Procurement Solutions. He can be reached at eric.williams (at) kellyocg (dot) com.

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