The Best Way to Find a Staffing Sales Rep

As we know in our industry, finding and matching talent to a job is no easy task. When that person is your next sales rep, the challenge becomes even greater. In my experience recruiting ...

Engage in Sales Flow

Many salespeople engage in a stop-start mentality in their sales practice. They start selling, land a few good prospects or customers, try to leverage them for all they are worth, ...

How Staffing Can Benefit from the 3D Print Manufacturing Revolution

Ready or not, there is a sea change coming in manufacturing. It is 3D printing, which is expected to be the next trillion dollar industry; that’s right, $1 trillion within the next ...

What to Expect Next Year

This year in staffing and the economy as a whole has been full of surprises.  For instance, we’ve experienced healthcare reform, the Sequestrian Act and a government shutdown ...
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Leveraging Social Media to Recruit Top Candidates

A recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reveals that employers are increasingly using social networking platforms to recruit job candidates. In ...

Four Steps to Ensure Accurate Criminal Background Checks

After months of searching, you finally found the perfect candidate for your (insert job here) role. This guy or gal has everything you’re looking for: great experience, sterling references, ...

Outsourcing in the Modern Era

Outsourcing has become something of a hot-button issue lately, especially as the federal government tries to rally more businesses to keep jobs in America. The issue first gained traction ...

Are Video Interviews Right for Collaboration?

As a staffing professional, you can’t exactly be a lone wolf. You have to connect with talented candidates, but more important, you have to work side-by-side with your clients to ...

Management Strategies to Encourage Star Employees

Many companies start the recruitment process with the intention of finding innovative and talented candidates. This is an important goal, and many talent acquisition professionals fulfill ...
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Recalling an Industry Trailblazer

Mitchell Fromstein, chairman emeritus of ManpowerGroup, died this past weekend and I had to pause. This is a picture of him and me that I have on my desk. Here’s the story behind ...
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