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Josh Tolan is the CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform. Learn more about using video interviews for staffing and connect with Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter.


Staffing Trends You Need to Stay on Top of This Year

To succeed in any industry, you need to first understand where the industry is going. This is especially important for professionals within the staffing industry, where competition ...

Stop Hunting Perfection And Look For Potential

If you’re hunting the ever-elusive purple squirrel, aka the perfect candidate, you might want to rethink your target. It takes time to find a perfect match for each and every role ...
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How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Video Technology

In today’s tech-laden society, relying on outdated methods to find and place top talent just isn’t going to cut it. Today’s staffing professionals need to keep up with the times ...

How to Build a Bigger, Better Talent Pool

In an ideal world, when a job order comes in you always have the perfect candidate in mind and ready to go. The reality is that finding and placing quality talent isn’t usually that ...

5 Ways to Target the Right Candidate Pool

Targeting the right candidates is essential when it comes to hiring the right person and streamlining your recruiting process. Between a competitive job market and a flood of candidates, ...

6 Unique Ways to Build a Better Talent Pool With Social Media

Building and populating a talent pool can be a great way to jump the skills gap and provide your clients with quality candidates. However, it’s often easier said than done. Thankfully, ...

Is Relocation the Answer to the Skills Gap?

The skills gap keeps growing wider, yet CareerBuilder recently discovered 60 percent of companies aren’t doing anything to close the gap. The highly skilled talent you need for your ...

5 Video Interviewing Blunders in Education

Finding the right talent in the education industry is far from simple. You want to ace hiring and snag the best teachers, but there are plenty of challenges in the way. If you’re ...

5 Questions to Ask Clients About Their Company Culture

Your clients are looking to you for candidates who not only have the right skills, but also will fit like a glove into the company culture. After all, with 70 percent of the American ...

10 Interview Questions to Hire the Best Temporary Workers

While hiring for permanent positions is on a downturn, temporary hiring is on the rise. Right now, 42 percent of employers are planning to retain temporary employees. Unsurprisingly, ...
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