Tom Erb Tom Erb
Tom Erb is immediate past president of the Ohio Staffing and Search Association and past president of the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio, and currently serves on the board for the National Association of Personnel Services. He is a Certified Staffing Professional and Senior Professional of Human Resources.

Sales Accountability Is a Two Player Game

Every Saturday morning, our six-year-old son comes crashing into our room with the same earnest request: “Daddy, can we play games on the TV together?” Since the time he was able ...

How to Accelerate the Sales Rep Learning Curve

Hiring a new employee is always an investment, but hiring a sales person typically requires an even greater outlay before you see a return. This is due to several factors, including ...

Commit to Owning Your Market in 2014

The New Year is always a time of reflecting on last year and planning for what’s ahead. You are probably in the process now, either formally or informally, setting goals for your ...

The Best Way to Find a Staffing Sales Rep

As we know in our industry, finding and matching talent to a job is no easy task. When that person is your next sales rep, the challenge becomes even greater. In my experience recruiting ...
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