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Sara is a former medical and surgical assistant who now does freelance business consulting. She enjoys blogging about her many career paths and helping others find their own direction.


Remote Access: Part of a Successful Mobile Strategy

In previous articles we have discussed the importance of utilizing mobile strategies for recruitment. In the age of the smartphones and tablets, more and more potential recruits are ...
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The Outcome Of My Dabbling In Management Software Solutions

As an owner of a 10-employee staffing company, my main interest has been in the domain of business planning and staffing management since the start of my entrepreneurial career. In ...

Train Your Workforce, Train Yourself

Staffing professionals know the importance of training their workforce. Job seekers who improve their skills have a much better chance of getting the assignment that turns into a full-time ...

Outsourcing in the Modern Era

Outsourcing has become something of a hot-button issue lately, especially as the federal government tries to rally more businesses to keep jobs in America. The issue first gained traction ...

Tax Considerations When Staffing Internally

When you’re hiring for a company, it’s tempting to put most of your time and energy into practical things like crafting the job post and performing background checks. Hiring more ...

5 Ways to Build Your Staffing Business by the End of 2013

Growing a business is tough work. When you’re in the staffing business, it’s easy to forget that at least 50% of your job is expanding your business: building new clients, ...

Is the STEM Bubble Set to Pop?

If there’s one thing we’ve heard since the economic recession began, it’s that STEM careers are the key to security in an insecure world. We’ve been told that ...
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More on Making Your Business Stand Out

A recent post here discussed ways to make your company stand out in a crowded market and appeal to companies and potential candidates seeking staffing services. I would like to expand ...
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Legal Tips to Observe When Hiring Staff

As your business grows, you’re likely to be introduced to new challenges and clients. You may try to tackle everything that comes with growth single handed, but it’s next ...
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