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Scott Wintrip is the president of the Wintrip Consulting Group. He was named to the Staffing 100 by Staffing Industry Analysts in 2011-2016. He can be reached at scott (at) ScottWintrip (dot) com.

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How to Audit the Effectiveness of Your Internal Hiring Process

Auditing your firm’s balance sheet can tell you a lot about the health of your company. Auditing your hiring process can tell you a lot about the health of how you choose your ...

When It Comes to Hiring, Top Leaders Never Go With the Flow

You’ll likely agree that hiring is one of your most important tasks. Get it right, you make your job as a leader in the staffing business is easier. Get it wrong, you make your job ...

Make Hiring Great Again

Every election cycle is packed with lessons. This year, the Presidential election process, from the primaries all the way through to this early general election season, seems to have ...

The Power Vacuum in Hiring

Feeling powerless is one of the darker aspects of being human. Whether you’re a parent who can’t stop an illness from ravaging your defenseless child, or you’re at home on the ...

How Good Interviews Become Bad Hires: Hiring Style

Last week, I discussed how a phenomenon called inattentional blindness leads us to focus so much on what we want to see that we fail to see the obvious. This in turn can cause seemingly ...

How Good Interviews Become Bad Hires: Hiring Blindness

Just like a few good dates with an attractive person of interest can lead to a bad relationship, a good series of interviews with a talented job candidate can lead to a bad hire. The ...

The Hateful Love of Staffing

Are staffing companies and recruiting firms still seen as a necessary evil? According to an October 2015 report by Staffing Industry Analysts, buyers gave their primary staffing suppliers ...

Guilt-Free Leadership

Leadership requires taking chances and making on-the-spot decisions. Often, leaders make the right choice. Sometimes, they blunder. Francis made such a blunder. In rebuilding his recruiting ...

The Disloyalty of Customers

There’s an “affair” going on and it’s not just a tacky television series on the Showtime network. Thousands of people are deemed unfaithful every day, including: Hiring managers ...

How People Work Often Undermines Effective Staffing

Ask employees and they’ll often tell you that multitasking is a requirement of their jobs. Some even say that company leadership endorses and promotes multitasking as a desirable ...
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