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What To Consider When Bringing the MSP Back In-House

A few days ago, a question was posed on LinkedIn about how the traditional MSP models were adapting as clients moved towards bringing programs in house. Essentially the question was ...
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The Five Key Questions to Ask in Order to Prioritize Integrations

In my last post on The Staffing Stream, I addressed what I call the integration paradox: that the lack of resources to integrate your VMS with your existing HRIS and ERP tools may prevent ...
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The Client’s Challenges Are Yours

There’s nothing like undertaking a huge project with a known client with whom you have a long and positive relationship. That was the case for us a few years ago when one of our ...
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Lowering Prices in Staffing Is a Mistake … Right?

Recently, I got into to a fun debate with a friend who wrote a blog post about staffing firms and how they need to stick to their guns and focus on high value, high margin business. ...

More Thoughts on Telecommuting

Telecommuting is a subject that is attracting considerable attention of late, following the stance taken by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to prohibit employees from working at home. When ...

Managing SOW Through VMS Delivers Better Results

VMS analytics and reporting have the power to turn even the most cynical CIO into a believer. Look at what the VMS gets you: cost savings driven by using only authorized vendors,  the ...

3 Video Interview Tips for Internal Candidates

Hiring the right internal candidate for your client’s open position isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers. In fact, it can be downright difficult to determine which candidate ...
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Your Social Media Résumé

Nowadays, your online persona is your résumé. With online job sites and professional networks such as LinkedIn, it is important to make sure routinely that your information is accurate ...
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5 Workforce Management Oversights That Brazil Won’t Overlook

When it comes to workforce management in the U.S., clearly there are some strict rules to follow and labor agreements that have to be upheld. But as often as not, the term is more ...

Coaching “Old School” Managers on the Benefits of Virtual Workers

Do you have a manager who refuses to acknowledge or allow people to work from home like Yahoo’s CEO — who was surprisingly old school — recently did?  If so, is there a way to ...
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