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Kevin Sheridan is a New York Times best-selling author, a frequent keynote speaker and the chief engagement officer of Kevin Sheridan LLC. He can be reached at kevin (at) kevinsheridanllc (dot) com.


The Top Three Reasons Employees Quit

You have seen it play out time and time again.  Someone in the workplace says, “Hey, where is Mary today?”  Someone else says, “Oh, she quit.”  Equally as common these days ...

8 Tips for Awesome Onboarding

I was recently honored to conduct a SHRM webinar sponsored by Jellyvision called The 8 Tips for Awesome Onboarding. With 5,000 registrants, it was one of the most well-attended webinars ...

The Manager’s Employee Engagement Checklist

Gallup’s recent State of the American Workplace Study highlighted the single greatest thing you can do to increase employee engagement: hire the right managers. In fact, the study ...

Case Study: Radio Flyer — Success Should Be Fun

It is bright, shiny, new, and it can take you places you never dreamed possible. Although I could be alluding to a certain little red wagon, I am actually referring to a career with ...

FUN: The Missing Driver of Employee Engagement and Recruiting

One of the central messages in I’ve given during my recent keynote presentations have focused on what is consistently missing from most companies’ staffing solutions for building ...

What Employee Engagement Means to Recruiters & the Staffing Industry

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent with recruiters and staffing firms each year by companies trying to attract top talent to empty positions. The obvious hope on the companies’ ...
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Take This Job and Shove It: 7 Things to Think About When Resigning

We have all been there or witnessed it: A job has run its course and it is time to move on.  Well, there is a right way and a wrong way to leave an organization, and it’s in your ...

Culture Was a Recent Word of the Year – for Good Reason

Largely due to its tracking of which words were looked up the most, Merriam-Webster announced “culture” as its Word of the Year for 2014.  Chosen at the end of each year (2015’s ...

New Year’s Reflections on Job Engagement

This time of year, it’s natural to become reflective — to reflect on the last year and on resolutions you have for the New Year. One of my central messages in my keynote presentations ...

The Best Interview Questions for Virtual Jobs

It can be a challenge finding good employees, and it becomes even more so when hiring for a virtual role. When you don’t see employees every day, you have to trust they are working ...
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