David Searns David Searns
David Searns is president and CEO of Haley Marketing, a company focused on marketing for staffing and recruiting firms. He can be reached at dsearns (at) haleymarketing (dot) com.

Surviving Indeedmageddon

“Unfair.” “Discriminatory.” “Illegal!” These are just of the few of the ways staffing professionals have described Indeed’s decision to stop providing free candidate ...

Is Your Website Your Best — or Worst — Sales Rep?

How many sales leads did your website generate last week? Last month? Last year? How many placements did you close because of your website?  Is your site attracting candidates? Is ...

Inbound Marketing for Staffing Is Almost Half the Battle

I just read a very good introduction to inbound marketing for the staffing industry on The Staffing Stream. The author made some great points about the value of inbound and the opportunities ...

Lowering Prices in Staffing Is a Mistake … Right?

Recently, I got into to a fun debate with a friend who wrote a blog post about staffing firms and how they need to stick to their guns and focus on high value, high margin business. ...

How NOT to Sell Staffing

I got a call last week from a local staffing firm. At first, I thought it was someone calling to inquire about our services, but in less than 3 seconds I knew it was a sales call. Now, ...
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