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online profileNowadays, your online persona is your résumé. With online job sites and professional networks such as LinkedIn, it is important to make sure routinely that your information is accurate and up-to-date. It helps to make a social media checklist so that you can ensure your information is current for potential employers not just on hard copy, but digital as well. For example, if you’ve ever used a jobsite that stores your online profile including past work history, education, etc. you want to make sure that is as current as possible. Keep track of the sites you use so that when your job experience changes, you can update it on each site. This prevents potential employers from seeing old information, thus possibly preventing you from getting something you want.

It’s also important to ensure your online referrals and references are relevant. Do you have people lined up who know you have listed them as a reference and will respond to a potential employer’s calls? Many people don’t include references on their online résumés, instead thinking that companies will just ask for them during the interview process. But references are an important aspect to add to your online persona as they are an easy way to set you apart from your competition. Don’t be afraid to ask people to be your references. The more a reference knows about the job you are applying for, the better they can answer the questions about your background and qualifications.

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Next, if you’re actively using professional networks such as LinkedIn, you want to make sure you’re using the endorsements tool correctly. Similar to references, don’t be afraid to ask for endorsements (as long as you know the person you are asking and it is relevant). Endorsements help companies look at the unique skills of potential candidates.

Let’s say you are applying for a position as a web designer. HTML, JavaScript, SEO, and Project Management are skills that employers will be looking for. If numerous people have endorsed you for those skills on your profile, it will definitely better your chances at getting an interview over someone who has not been endorsed for those skills. It’s an easy way for companies to quickly look at your skills on a whole. Make sure you return the favor by endorsing people for skills that you know they have.

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Tammy Giaimo

Tammy Giaimo
Tammy Giaimo is CEO of Software Resources, a provider of information technology, creative (web), finance, accounting, and human resources professional staffing and consulting services.

Tammy Giaimo

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