Brian Hoffmeyer Brian Hoffmeyer
Brian Hoffmeyer is IQNavigator’s senior vice president of industry solutions. His role is to help prospective and current clients, as well as strategic partners, understand IQN’s implementation, integration, and global capabilities.

We’re All Here to Serve the Client

After reading the recent Staffing Stream post titled “The Pros and Cons of Implementing Vendor Management Systems,” I felt compelled to provide a VMS provider’s perspective on ...

The Five Key Questions to Ask in Order to Prioritize Integrations

In my last post on The Staffing Stream, I addressed what I call the integration paradox: that the lack of resources to integrate your VMS with your existing HRIS and ERP tools may prevent ...

The Integration Paradox

Clients often ask me questions like “What system integrations should we consider building between our ERP and our VMS?” or “What will our level of effort be to build such-and-such ...
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