Is Content Still King?

The answer is simple: YES, content is still king in marketing. However, it’s more than that in today’s economy and staffing climate.

Content overload is a very real problem, and you may think it’s a waste of your time to invest in producing content. Why write search engine optimized blog posts or job descriptions when it’s the same thing your competitors are doing? In reality, not producing content is opening the door for your competition to steal your prospects and candidates. It is hurting your business.

Need proof? Consider this case study

Staffing Agency X, a light industrial staffing agency, produced four monthly blog posts for more than two years.

When Staffing Agency X decided to end its blogging program, overall traffic dropped significantly, including a serious decline in organic traffic. When comparing the past nine months without a content strategy to the previous period when an active content strategy was executed:

  • Overall website traffic decreased 31.52%
  • Organic search traffic decreased 25.95%

These major declines include decreased traffic to key conversion pages on the website:

  • A 45% decrease in traffic to the “submit an application” page
  • A 7% decrease in completed online applications
  • A 2% decrease in traffic to the contact page

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Content is a great basis, but it’s only the first step

In the current market with the major recruiting challenges our industry is facing, it’s not enough to just publish original, relevant content. The content should be the basis for a full-content marketing strategy, which holds extensive opportunities for recruiting, lead generation and building your brand’s image.

If you want to make your content work for your staffing firm, consider these strategies:

  • Send a monthly email newsletter featuring top jobs or candidates and top blog content directly to the inboxes of your top candidates and/or prospects to stay top-of-mind.
  • Share the blog content across your company and personal social media accounts to amplify reach (and provide engagement opportunities).
  • Use the content for paid advertising opportunities to expand the reach of your content and grow your audience.

What about proof that social media, email and PPC work?

Staffing Agency Y, a sales and marketing staffing firm, has seen significant increases since launching a full-content marketing strategy. Comparing the first five months of the program to the previous period without a strategy:

  • Overall traffic has increased 115%
  • Organic traffic has increased 35.5%
  • Social traffic has increased 678.7%
  • Referral traffic has increased 9.9%

Content is still king

To win your top prospects and recruit top candidates, you need to stand out from your competition – and content marketing is a great way to set yourself apart. Focus on delivering content to your audience that shows who you are and how you can solve their problems.

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Maggie Hinterberger

Maggie Hinterberger
Maggie Hinterberger is social media marketing advisor at Haley Marketing Group.

Maggie Hinterberger

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