The Other Contagious Act: Helping

We are living in unsettling times with all the uncertainty, fear and loss being reported in the news. Yet, at the same time, there also so many inspiring stories of people helping one another; true heroes are emerging every day from expected, and even unexpected, places.

Today’s crisis reminds me of a popular quote from famed American television personality and creator of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” Fred Rogers who said:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

Not just a lovely sentiment, this is a useful cognitive shift for people to focus more on the positive during times of adversity. It’s also a subtle call to arms for people to take action and look for ways to be helpers themselves.

So, to all of the helpers working in our communities to combat the coronavirus crisis, we see you. From the nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals treating this epidemic … to the police, fire fighters and armed forces keeping us safe … to the grocery, consumer goods, and delivery workforce supporting our families to endure this time in shelter … and finally to our families, neighbors, and coworkers doing everything they can to take care of each other, WE SEE ALL OF YOU. And from the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you for your courage and commitment.

We also want to call out the tech community specifically who we interact with every day as providers in the IT Staffing industry. We are inspired by the skills and innovation you are bringing to the solutions companies desperately need at this time to mobilize their virtual workforce, monitor rapidly changing data trends, and combat the growing increase in data security concerns. And on the very front line of this healthcare battle are the data scientists and developers helping to study patterns and create faster and better applications for things like healthcare efficacy technology and forecasting of critical product demand (medical and otherwise). We salute your efforts.

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We want to follow in your, albeit much larger, footsteps by finding some additional ways to reach out to our community at this time of need using our unique platform of recruiting expertise. We came up with the idea of the “Help In Motion” series which will volunteer some of our best insider industry advice via live online events, articles and guides:

  • Whether you’ve been laid off, worried about job stability, or just curious about the current state of the tech job market, you’ve got questions. How do I go about my job search right now? What industries are actually adding tech staff and for what skill sets? How are the current conditions going to affect compensation and offer negotiation? What other aspects of the hiring process will be impacted and what should applicants expect?
  • Whether your needs for tech talent are currently on hold or are open and urgent as ever, you’ve got questions. Will the situational layoffs of tech talent offer any real hiring advantage and how is the tech talent pool predicted to shift? What will happen with compensation trends? What is the local hiring competition doing right now? What aspects of the interview process are being impacted by this latest virtual set up? Is hiring remote talent going to continue to pick up and should companies be considering this option for my hard-to-fill tech roles this year? What are the biggest concerns candidates have right now?  

As a final way to contribute our help, Motion Recruitment also plans to make a donation to the CDC Emergency Response Fund for each placement made from new job orders received from our website over the next few months. If you are filling a technical Contract, Contract-to-hire, or Direct Hire (Perm) role, tell us how we can get involved to get your tech hiring needs met. We look forward to raising funds for this critically important cause and continuing to be a part of this contagious culture of help that we are witnessing across the world.

Everyone has a specific way they can offer help. It’s time we all use these unique platforms, big or small, to do good.  #inthistogether

Beth Gilfeather

Beth Gilfeather
Beth Gilfeather is CEO MRP, parent company to IT Staffing firm Motion Recruitment and RPO/MSP provider Sevenstep.

Beth Gilfeather

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