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Is Your Healthcare MSP Over-Committed?

First, let’s start with a definition of MSP.  According to the Staffing Industry Analysts: Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a service whereby a company takes on primary responsibility ...
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The Incestuous Nature of Healthcare Staffing VMS/MSP

Managed service providers (MSP) utilizing vendor management systems (VMS)  have been a part of US commerce for decades, starting with Ford Motor Company and moving across all market ...

‘Oh No, Not A Job Order!’

Job orders are overrated. They are easy to acquire and a waste of time. Job orders provide a terrific false sense of security. In a word, job orders stink. You may ask, how can that ...

Not Your Father’s Staffing Industry

Recruiting and software don’t always get along. This isn’t to say that recruiters aren’t tech-savvy – quite the contrary, as they were among the first to embrace techniques ...
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The Benefits of an Integrated VMS

Contingent workforce management has long been held in a silo, viewed as separate from many organizations’ core operations.  But as the contingent percentage of the workforce grows, ...

Figures Never Lie, but Liars Always Figure

In account management, my team and I often field questions around program and supplier scorecards. These tend to vary from client to client and particularly from industry to industry, ...

Is Your VMS Geared for Complex Project Management?

Boston’s Big Dig has its claim to fame not only as an ambitious and expensive megaproject involving hundreds of third-party vendors – but also for its mismanagement and failures. ...

Look Past Your Current Needs When Selecting a VMS

Up until the last year or so the scope of requests received for IQNavigator’s vendor management software (VMS) predominantly queried our support of contingent or temporary labor spend. ...

The Impact of Mobility on Contingent Labor Programs

In recent years, the pervasiveness of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in the enterprise has changed the workplace. Users are now leveraging cloud services mobility to perform ...
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Fieldglass Acquisition Validates Contingent Workforce Management Industry

It’s been six weeks since the announcement came out that SAP would acquire Fieldglass. The news was exciting. The biggest of the big guys — which VMS providers have been painstakingly ...
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