5 applications that recruiters must use

Recruiting can be a real grind. Whether you’re working the phones to find new clients or finding candidates to fill your open roles, it often seems like there is not an extra second ...

Retaining Veterans: Why our stat beats the national average hands down

Veteran hiring initiatives across a broad spectrum of industries have helped to cut the unemployment rate among younger veterans from double digits a few years ago to close to the national ...

Using PR to Attract Top Talent

In movies, we’ve heard about the concept of “force.” Some films use this idea for protection, as in a force field that repels threats. Then there’s the force that’s like a ...

3 ways to improve communication in recruiting

The world of recruiting and hiring is built on relationships and communication. Unfortunately, many companies forget that when they begin the search for a new employee. The high level ...

Why the Growth of the Gig Economy is Recruiting’s Best Challenge

Talent acquisition leaders in the gig economy have created massive recruiting success through the use of data and analytics. They’ve strung together the best practices of recruiting ...

What’s keeping recruiters up at night?

Recruiting in many ways remains less affected by technology than other professions. Overall, the process has remained more or less the same – the best recruiting is still accomplished ...

4 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Process Right Now

Recruiting top talent can be arduous and expensive, and today more than ever staffing firms and human resource (HR) professionals need to have visibility into cost and time spent on ...

Think Creative and be a Successful Recruiter

All recruiters agree that recruitment, in simple terms, implies matching the best available candidate to the job in question. For this, they work very hard day in and day out. At times, ...
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