Brandon Metcalf Brandon Metcalf
Brandon Metcalf is COO and co-founder of Talent Rover.

What if Facebook Acted Like a Staffing Firm?

What if you had to call Facebook to open an account? What if you had to email Google search terms? The answer is that Facebook wouldn’t have 1.6 billion users and Google wouldn’t ...

Is Your Recruitment Software Making You Less Competitive?

Until recently, recruitment software was the enemy of top recruiters. They all worked around databases because there was little point in using them. Why waste time manually entering ...

How the Psychology of Online Dating Can Help or Hinder Recruiters

Today, single people judge each other based on the exact same Facebook profile that a recruiter would use to vet them. It’s shared research tools and shared intentions that make the ...

The Demands of Globalization—And How the Recruitment Industry Can Meet Them

For nearly a decade, industry professionals and academic researchers have talked about the globalization of staffing and recruitment. But what do they mean by ‘globalization’? And ...
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