Jason Leverant Jason Leverant
Jason Leverant is CEO of AtWork Group, a national staffing franchisor.

Technology a Big Disrupter in Staffing Fields, but Humans Still Must Call Final Shots

Technology advances offer both opportunities and challenges Artificial intelligence and machine learning have played an increasingly important role in the explosive growth of staffing ...

Labor Shortage Could Short-Circuit US Growth as Jobless Rates Plummet

Any way you cut it, from coast to coast, the national employment numbers are looking better than they have in years. The United States unemployment rate declined to 4.3% in July as ...

Embrace the Pros of Holiday Hiring, Avoid the Cons

Here come the holidays, with all their cheer – along with the extra meals out and hotel stays,not to mention gifts. Talk about added stressors. For you? Yes. But also for the companies ...

How Can Businesses Find Qualified Employees?

Businesses large and small are always looking for the right workers to fill their open positions, but that can be a challenge in today’s economic landscape. Although the overall unemployment ...

How is the Affordable Healthcare Act Impacting Business Employment Practices?

The Affordable Care Act and its website, healthcare.gov, have been the topic of numerous conversations, articles, letters to the editor, editorials, cartoons, late night talk show host ...

Got Training? As Staffing Gets More Competitive, So Must Your Training

As I look back on 2013 I feel the increases in staffing over the year, while not robust, are a positive sign for the industry as a whole. While this is good news, I also have to agree ...

Does Your Staffing Firm Employ Mobile Technology?

I’m not alone when it comes to believing that embracing and implementing emerging technology is a must for staffing firms to succeed in the future. Staffing Industry Analysts President ...
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