Dan Stewart Dan Stewart
Dan Stewart is senior vice president at Excyl, a staffing firm based in Troy, Mich.

Overcoming the ‘Win at all Costs’ Mentality: Take a stand against cheating

Winning means everything. Our culture praises winning and ignores the means by which it occurs. The end justifies the means. A level playing field is no longer the starting basis for ...

More than Rhythm: A Recruiter’s Notes on Resumes

Most of us as staffing professionals today will provide an offering of detailed advice on how to craft your resume — solicited or otherwise. At least part of the myriad recommendations ...

Post-Grad International Students Deserve a Chance

There’s a whole subset of available talent that goes largely untapped. International students come in droves to the US to seek quality education, opportunity, and a better life. They ...

Recruiting Success: Visualize a Birdie

The field of recruiting is steeped in rejection; hiring managers, candidates, even the agency itself will scuttle many opportunities — some within our control, others outside it. ...

Before You Dismiss That ‘Job Hopping’ Résumé

Today’s résumés are characterized by less time at organizations, and as a direct consequence, more employers. It’s a function borne both of technology and a workforce that is ...

Seeing What We Expect To See

Shortly after I began working for General Motors as an engineer in 2014, I started to notice more Corvettes on the roads of Metro Detroit. Was there really a sudden influx of Corvettes? ...

Playing Hardball With Your Competition

In baseball, as in staffing, the best players are already under contract with teams. How does a team thwart the efforts of competitors cherry-picking their talent? They create contracts ...

Interview Sabotage

Why do so many recruiters allow highly-qualified candidates to sabotage their interviews before they ever begin? I shook the hand of a candidate after preparing him for an interview ...

What Drives You?

I’ve had the good fortune of a pretty good run in engineering in the greater Detroit automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) environment and tier supply base. Throughout ...
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