Michael Klazema Michael Klazema
Michael Klazema has been developing products for the background screening industry since 2009 and is lead author and editor for a background checks community.

What Employers Need to Know About Expungement

If your business has a criminal background check policy in place to screen prospective employees then you need to be aware of the basics of expungement. Expunged criminal records cannot ...

Which Verifications Are Critical to a Great Hire and Why?

Are your job applicants telling the truth? Find out by adding verification checks to your pre-employment screening process. “Trust, but verify.” Those three words — translated ...

The Best Background Check Practices in Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry in which safety and trust are at stake with every hire. Strong background check policies ensure that only top professionals are entrusted with the care of ...

Challenges and Solutions to Improve Hiring Practices for Hourly Workers

If your business is having trouble hiring or retaining quality hourly workers, take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone. Last year, the Society for Human Resource Management published ...

Fastest-Growing Industries in the US (And Why They Need Background Checks)

Which industries are going to grow the fastest in the coming years, and why are background checks important for the explosion of jobs? We looked at US Department of Labor statistics ...

Six Decisions Involved with the Pre-Employment Screening Process

So you are ready to oversee your first interview and hiring process and are excited about finding a new person or two to add to your company’s team or making your first placement. ...

Don’t Get Charged with Negligent Hiring

Over the past few years, the claims of negligent hiring have seemed to skyrocket. What is negligent hiring exactly? It is where an employer is charged with hiring someone who has a ...
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