Changing the futures of young people with clear goals and strategy

ThinkstockPhotos-463116677When I set up Gibbs Hybrid Workforce Solutions, one of the first things I thought about was which core values mattered most to me and what would truly define our business as a good and trusted partner. On a personal level, I care passionately about our community and the overall well-being of others. We are a people-based solutions company and nothing is more humbling than putting people to work and employing people.

For many years, we have worked closely with large corporate clients like Barclays, whose initiatives such as LifeSkills and citizenship programs exemplify caring within the community.We believe that programs like this are successful because they have set clear goals and strategy — much like those set by successful businesses.

In 2014, Barclays promised, to help change the futures of 5 million young people by the end of 2015. We believed that they could only do this with the help of their employees, of which more than 71,000 globally were involved in volunteering, fundraising or giving programs in 2015.

This struck a huge cord with us all here at Gibbs. We wanted to be part of that journey —to help Barclays make it a reality.

Despite being much smaller in comparison, we still maintain a clear strategy and goals for what we want to achieve with our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and individual social responsibility (ISR) activities.

Social responsibility should not just be corporate’s problem; we all need to think about how we as “individuals” can make a difference. From that, I implemented our ISR program. The team is given paid annual leave to go out and make a difference and collectively as a company we hope to make an impact in society.

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Gibbs Hybrid Workforce Solutions’ goal is to help make a positive impact on as many lives as we can and “help people, help themselves.”

As a result, we forged a significant partnership with Barclays Citizenship team and Catch 22. All three teams have worked closely together over the past year to allow Gibbs to become the first ever partner to sign up to the Barclays Employability Programme – Connect with Work.

Barclays Connect with Work is a unique UK-based employability program connecting people seeking work with recruiting corporates. The program is aimed at supporting individuals over the age of 16 with the aptitude and attitude to enter the workplace, but who face barriers doing so. The program helps to upskill these individuals, as well as connect them with businesses who are recruiting. The program also supports high-growth businesses and entrepreneurs, including clients and suppliers, to create entry-level jobs.

Gibbs works closely with Catch 22 to give apprentices the start in life they need. The initiative offers real experience and integration into a team, allowing apprentices to flourish and make a real difference to the business, while supporting them to gain a nationally recognized qualification.

We have thriving apprentices here at Gibbs Hybrid Workforce Solutions — they have made a huge positive impact on both the business and the family atmosphere we strive to cultivate throughout our offices. We couldn’t be prouder of them and we hope that through this partnership with Barclays and Catch 22 we are able to significantly change the futures of many more young people.

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Farida Gibbs

Farida Gibbs
Farida Gibbs is CEO of Gibbs Hybrid.

Farida Gibbs

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