Video Interviewing Takes Branding Beyond the Norm for a Better Candidate Experience

74579926In the staffing space, a great candidate experience can generate valuable engagement. Firms that create a positive, branded experience by integrating video interviewing into their hiring process are seeing powerful payoffs:

  • They are broadening their reach to identify more candidates with the right skills;
  • They are developing stronger relationships with candidates faster; and
  • They are enhancing their brand and brand awareness, helping attract higher quality talent.

Bottom line, ensuring that candidates have a great experience results in a more robust talent pipeline that your staffing firm can rely on to support both contract and permanent position matches. When you expand your candidate experience to include your clients’ brand, it can deliver even more.

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Asking clients to open the door for talent. Innovative staffing firms have found a new way to strengthen their candidate experience, for both high volume and professional positions: They’re asking their clients to co-brand their video interviewing as a way to engage qualified talent for their open positions.With video interviewing technology that is purpose-built for hiring, staffing firms can embed videos of themselves and their clients directly into the candidate interview experience. These videos serve to welcome candidates, provide a virtual tour, and discuss the company’s culture and vision. They may feature top leadership, the manager who oversees the open position, or even potential co-workers.

With this branding partnership in place, candidates are personally introduced to the job environment where they will be working as part of their interview experience. The candidate can get a job preview from their staffing firm, then hear directly from the client’s team about what it’s like to work there and what is expected from employees.  This creative use of video interviewing technology goes well beyond the norm to brand the client, the client’s location and the advantages of a specific assignment.

Potential impact on key metrics. This new candidate experience fosters tighter connections between staffing firms, their talent and their clients. The future impact could be a reduction in the industry average of six submissions per hire.  With video interviewing, staffing firms can provide a highly accurate picture of a potential assignment to one candidate or several hundred, with equal efficiency. This detailed preview may translate into greater interest by talent in the position, and better matches. It may also feed greater talent retention, as candidates’ expectations for an assignment are more closely aligned with the actual working experience, and candidates come to develop even greater trust in their staffing firm and its process.It will certainly mean closer working relationships as clients see their staffing firm taking proactive steps to market their brand and fill their positions with the most qualified talent on the market.

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Patricia Hughes

Patricia Hughes
Patricia Hughes is vice president of strategic alliances at Montage, where she leads all partnership strategy, pursuit and management for RPO, MSP, technology and referral partners.

Patricia Hughes

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