Survival of the Fittest? Staffing Firms Need Flexible Funding for Stability and Growth

Staffing companies face a complex and demanding business landscape these days, where margins are tight and client expectations are high and getting higher. Firms are matching millions ...

Harnessing the Power of Online Presence Through Brand Ambassadors

In a recent blog post, we looked at how social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are more important to candidates in the job search than ever before, observing how HR and ...
First Impressions

Interviews: First Impressions Can Be Wrong

We’ve all talked about how well someone interviews, gets selected for the position, yet didn’t perform as expected. As a hiring manager, how can you ensure the interview process ...

Task-to-Talent: Freelancing as an Extension of the Contingent Workforce

The shift among businesses and workers toward contingent work arrangements appears to be accelerating and contingent work arrangement models are evolving, often through technological ...

Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Traditionally, the staffing sector has always been heavily reliant on personal perspectives and human judgment. From the process of hiring new members of staff to performance reviews ...

How to Hire the Perfect Grad

Once upon a time, in a hiring market far, far away, a stressed out employer needed to find the perfect recent college grad. No matter how many resumes the employer looked at, however, ...

Combining the Chocolate and Peanut Butter of your SOW Program – Part 1

“What does controlling SOW-based services spend mean to you?” That was the seemingly straightforward question I asked of two separate audiences at a procurement conference recently. ...

5 Questions to Ask Clients About Their Company Culture

Your clients are looking to you for candidates who not only have the right skills, but also will fit like a glove into the company culture. After all, with 70 percent of the American ...

Affordable Care Act Updates and the Law’s Impact on Staffing

It seems the only thing certain about the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) is change. Since the New Year, there have been a number of updates to this complex law from the employers’ ...

A Word in Favor of Customer Access

“You cannot shake hands with a fist.” — Indira Gandhi   I participate in managed service programs (MSP). I like them. When run well, they act as the chassis ...
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