John Giaimo John Giaimo
John Giaimo is president of Software Resources Inc., an IT Staffing Solutions firm. Founded in 1992, Software Resources is a certified women-owned business enterprise (WBE), and is a national award-winning staffing firm serving clients in the U.S.

Millennials: The Good, The Bad and the Inevitable

The millennial generation is fast approaching the top of the list for the American workforce over Generation X and Baby Boomers. Like it or not, millennials and their nuances will shift ...

A Penny for Your Thoughts on the Recruiter’s Approach to Negotiating Pay

Most of us follow the mindset of “we work to live, not live to work.” We hope to enjoy what we do, but we also hope to be compensated well so we can balance our jobs with hobbies ...

Employee Retention With Millennials Calls for Different Motivators

Fifty years ago, career building was a very different journey than the one the majority of our workforce experiences today. Presently, Generation Y, also referred to as “millennials,” ...

How To Handle The Doubt-filled Depths of Employment Gaps

Moore’s Law states that computer processing speed doubles every 18 months, a good indication of how fast technology jobs change, too. For a job seeker who has employment gaps of more ...

Don’t Be The Fruitcake of the Interview this Holiday Season

The holidays are a fantastic time to revitalize your business. As the year comes to a close companies are evaluating their needs and areas for growth, and skilled professionals are ...

The Ripe, Old Age of Great Employees

Since the economic down turn, most of us know at least one person who lost their job and is hunting for their next position. One of the hardest transitions is for our aged 50+ workforces ...

Interviews: First Impressions Can Be Wrong

We’ve all talked about how well someone interviews, gets selected for the position, yet didn’t perform as expected. As a hiring manager, how can you ensure the interview process ...
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