Mark Braund Mark Braund
Mark Braund is CEO of InterQuest Group.

Information Security: The impact of the breach in skills

The media spotlight has been heavily directed toward the information security industry over the past 12 months in what is now being referred to as ‘The year of the breach.’ It seems ...

Analytics in Business: The Impact on Graduates

Increased focus on big data and analytics in business was without doubt one of the most discussed topics of 2013, and while this may have quietened somewhat throughout 2014, there has ...

How Important Is Data Analytics to the Future of HR?

Having discussed harnessing social media, enabling internal knowledge creation and leveraging social capital in previous articles, it seems a logical next to address one the key players ...

How Analytics Is Changing the Way Business Leaders Make Decisions

Interest in Big Data analytics has increased sharply over the last twelve months, and usage by commercial, non-profit and public sector organisations surged. What’s driving this? ...

‘Breaking through the Glass Ceiling’ — a topic still very much on the agenda

Late last month, InterQuest hosted the Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF) group’s networking event “Breaking through the Glass Ceiling in 2014.” Our work as recruiters ...

Harnessing the Power of Online Presence Through Brand Ambassadors

In a recent blog post, we looked at how social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are more important to candidates in the job search than ever before, observing how HR and ...

The Increasing Importance of Social Media in HR

In a recent article I discussed how with 75 percent of companies either using or planning to use social media sites for recruiting, sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ ...

LinkedIn and the Shift Toward Mobile Recruitment

Recently, LinkedIn released a fascinating statistic highlighting the fact that mobile usage of the professional networking site was now approaching a majority – with 41 percent of ...
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