How to Increase the Value of Your People

To manage is so 20th century. In today’s business climate management must integrate coaching into their repertoire. Gone are the days when you could simply direct individuals on ...

4 Predictions for Online Work in 2014

2014 is shaping up to be a significant year for online work. This is particularly true for businesses that hire talent in the cloud. If last year’s trends are any indicator, remote ...

IT Staffing in 2014: The Importance of a Talent Partner

In a span of just 90 days, Mastech recruited and placed more than 50 people in a highly specialized finance capability. Could the internal hiring team have delivered this volume and ...

Where Has All the Trust Gone?

It seems there is a lack of trust going on in the recruiting world these days. One of the familiar refrains I hear from candidates as I talk with them is along the lines of, “I was ...

What Hockey Can Teach Us About Effective Recruiting

It’s the height of hockey season and the winning teams and great players all have one thing in common — they skate to where the puck will be versus where it already is at any given ...

Preparing for the Atypical Client

There are many benefits to having a diverse client base, but in instances where you land an atypical client, smaller staffing firms face the danger of being unprepared to deal with ...

4 Ways to Spot Excellence

Talent management professionals know all too well that finding the right employee the first time around is much easier – and more cost-effective – than having to recruit ...

Managing Contingent Talent Suppliers: Is It Time to Change Our Thinking?

A growing, but still uncertain, economy has placed more pressure than ever on today’s contingent workforce suppliers to meet employers’ evolving needs. Companies depend on their ...
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Contract Staffing Growth in 2013 Paves Way for Strong 2014

Last year was a big one for staffing firms, and all signs point to more growth for contract staffing in 2014. Political squabbles and slow economic growth in 2013 lead to a record-breaking ...

Holocracy: What the Staffing World Should Know

Zappos is a model organization and I’m sure many companies will be waiting to see if they should follow suit and adopt Holocracy as an organizational structure. Holocracy in short ...
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