Jim Carchidi Jim Carchidi
Jim Carchidi, CSP, is the CEO of the JFC Staffing Companies. He can be reached at JimC (at) jfcstaffing (dot) com.

Addressing Multiple Generations in the Workplace: Part 2

In teamwork and in management, questions transcend all generations. Questions redefine relationships between people – when I am “advising” or “managing,” I am the expert. But ...

Addressing Multiple Generations in the Workplace: Part 1

Picture the scene; you have a recent graduate working alongside her seasoned 58-year-old colleague on a critical project. Both are working toward the same goal, yet each come with a ...

How to Increase the Value of Your People

To manage is so 20th century. In today’s business climate management must integrate coaching into their repertoire. Gone are the days when you could simply direct individuals on ...

Happiness Is a Work Ethic

Purpose: Why do you work? Many people quickly respond – for the money. But when you really stop to think about it, I bet your answer will be different. Many studies have been done ...
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