Mary Kristynik Mary Kristynik
Mary Kristynik, CCWP, is the principal owner of Greywood Consulting LLC. She has more than 20 years' experience in the industry. She can be reached at mary (at) greywoodconsultingllc (dot) com.

How to Retain Top Talent in Today’s Workforce

Over the past few years, there’s been a profound shift in the US workplace, specifically with the employer-employee relationship. The workforce today is extremely crowded, unevenly ...

Design a Culture of Continuous Feedback and Recognition

We’ve all been there — the dreaded annual performance review, when you have to sit down and sum up a year’s worth of work within one document. Managers hate it because they are ...

Tracking Your Metrics for Growth

How do you identify your company’s major growth opportunities? While it’s tempting to take the easy route, resist the urge to only follow your gut. You might get lucky a few times, ...

3 Reasons to Refocus Your Strategy Around Redeployment

In 1997, researchers from McKinsey declared a “War for Talent,” stating the fight for the best employees would be every company’s greatest challenge. More than 20 years later, ...

Managing Contingent Talent Suppliers: Is It Time to Change Our Thinking?

A growing, but still uncertain, economy has placed more pressure than ever on today’s contingent workforce suppliers to meet employers’ evolving needs. Companies depend on their ...
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