Kevin Horner Kevin Horner
Kevin Horner is CEO of Mastech Inc.

IT Staffing in 2014: Transforming Your Talent Partnership

As we scramble to close the gap between the IT demand and talent supply in our own companies, a microcosm of the national IT gap, it is easy to lose sight of the transformational power ...

IT Staffing in 2014: The Importance of a Talent Partner

In a span of just 90 days, Mastech recruited and placed more than 50 people in a highly specialized finance capability. Could the internal hiring team have delivered this volume and ...

IT Staffing in 2014: Mind the Gap

While 222,000 IT jobs were added to the economy last year, according to TechServe Alliance, only 50,000 U.S. students graduated with an IT degrees. The IT marketplace is simply tremendous ...
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