The Next Nine Seconds …

…are more precious than most people realize. If you sell, you have only that amount of time to capture a buyer’s attention. What you do with it will determine if he or she gives ...

Unintended Consequences Along the Compliance Continuum

Never before has there been an environment like the one our Fortune company clients are facing today. The long-heralded “perfect storm” was mostly marketing hype and fear selling ...

The Pros and Cons of Implementing Vendor Management Systems

Recently there has been a significant increase in larger companies turning to vendor management systems and managed service providers in order to manage their contingent labor force. ...

Challenges Recruiters Face

Recruiters face a number of challenges that are consistent across company sizes and industries. However, some talent acquisition issues arise in specific contexts. For example, recruiters ...
puzzle piece

Talent Acquisition at the Heart of M&A

M&As are common – 111 M&As took place in the U.K. in the second quarter of 2013 alone – yet there is no one-size fits all formula to ensure smooth transitions. M&A ...
management maze

The Future of Contingent Workforce Technology

At the CWS Summit in Chicago last month, I participated in a panel discussion on the topic of contingent workforce technologies. I focused on “the future” and included some perspectives ...

Importance of Charitable Work

Since our inception five years ago, ALKU has achieved tremendous growth and has accomplished many things to be proud of. It is these successes that have allowed us to give back and ...

Apathy: The Performance Culture’s Greatest Threat

Two studies released this summer continue to point toward a workforce with dismal satisfaction rates. The annual Job Satisfaction survey by The Conference Board shows job satisfaction ...

The Importance of Mock Interviewing

As recruiters we spend over a thousand hours each year just trying to locate candidates, but we spend very little, if any time actually helping them win the job. A mock interview is ...

Five Social Media Recruiting Tips for Better Hires

Eventually, every trend becomes just another facet of daily life. There was a point in time when the smartphone was cutting edge technology, now there are more mobile devices on Earth ...
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