Clock Watchers Need Not Apply

rbrb_3316As the economy continues to recover, the so-called war for talent applies to the staffing industry’s internal hires as well as skilled contingent workers. How do companies set about recruiting for their own recruiters?

Our philosophy in recruiting for internal positions at our IT staffing and consulting firm is clear: Job seekers need not apply.

What that means is we do not want clock-watchers who do the bare minimum until quitting time. Rather, we look for talented individuals who aspire to fit into a team and family environment.

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And though industry experience is preferred, it is not required. Of iMethods’ 22 internal employees, 60 percent had no experience in IT recruiting prior to joining us, while 40 percent were from other companies, often times seeking a better environment.

We have diligently worked to create a culture that supports individual growth and healthy relationships. In doing so, we have consistently increased our annual revenues by an average of 35 percent per year since 2009 while investing in and expanding our internal staff.

We hire recruiters, account managers and sales representatives based upon strengths assessments, references and potential contributions to our team. We then develop employees through constant learning.

Of our six core values at iMethods, constant learning and development may be the most crucial in fulfilling our commitment to provide excellent service. We maintain a successful placement ratio of 90 percent largely because our recruiters constantly improve their skills and expand their knowledge of their industry, clients and candidates.

We also equip employees with the knowledge to grow personally and professionally. They can borrow books from our library. And we even include a spot in which we pay homage to the thought leaders and books that have influenced us the most, so that our employees may be similarly inspired and enlightened:

  • Marcus Buckingham, Now Discover Your Strengths
  • Jim Collins, Good to Great
  • Matthew Kelly, Dream Manager
  • Verne Harnish, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits
  • Cameron Herold, Double Double

Further, we send employees to external training opportunities and provide in-house learning sessions. A recently completed four-part workshop on Collins “Good to Great” presented by our COO, Clint Drawdy, affirmed that companies built upon core values and purpose endure with greatness. The hope is that this inspires our workers and helps us build and maintain the right culture.

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Chad Perce

Chad Perce
Chad Perce is CEO and co-founder of iMethods, an IT staffing and consulting company specializing in healthcare. He can be reached at chad.perce (at) imethods (dot) com.

Chad Perce

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