Chad Perce Chad Perce
Chad Perce is CEO and co-founder of iMethods, an IT staffing and consulting company specializing in healthcare. He can be reached at chad.perce (at) imethods (dot) com.

Conferences are Ripe for Recruiting

Few settings provide such fertile ground for recruiting talented candidates for clients as industry conferences. IMethods recently connected with numerous qualified professionals by ...

Engage Millennial Employees by Providing Purpose

Not only are Millennials hard to recruit — they are difficult to keep. New grads and young professionals are discerning job seekers who methodically use social media, colleagues ...

Clock Watchers Need Not Apply

As the economy continues to recover, the so-called war for talent applies to the staffing industry’s internal hires as well as skilled contingent workers. How do companies set about ...

Accelerate Growth by Building on Strengths

Discovering our strengths transformed our company. In the six years since my business partner and I read Now, Discover Your Strengths, our firm has increased our annual revenue by more ...

An Intense Journey Worth Taking

Getting the right people on the bus is a well known mantra among staffing firms, for good reason. A cohesive team connected by competence and culture will outperform the sum of its ...
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