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How to Set Bad Quotas and Destroy Your Comp Plan

As February draws to a close, have you rolled out your sales quotas? Sales quotas are critical to the performance of a staffing firm, why are they set with so little thought or methodology ...
business deal

M&A Mistakes

I’d like to discuss two big mistakes that I often see in M&A transactions.  While many experts discuss what to do before and during a transaction, I’m discussing what not to ...

Making a Difference

An important focus of any business has to be profitability.  But once profitability is obtained, there should also be a focus on giving back.  This doesn’t just have to be money ...

Dialing to Recruit: Getting back to basics

When I first started recruiting I had a Rolodex — an actual Rolodex — and file folders on my desk. We have come a long way in the ensuing 17 years, and I am very thankful for all ...
all together

We Are All Staffing Firms

I have been connected to the IT staffing industry for all 17 years of my professional career. Some would probably categorize me as a “staffing guy,” but I would like to argue the ...

Managing the Risks of Contingent Labor

Global companies are relying more heavily on contingent workers to control rising labor costs, bridge skills gaps and to respond to fast-moving market conditions with greater agility. According ...

You Reap What You SOW

If you’re looking for comforting words, the phrase “contractually obligated” doesn’t usually fill you with warmth and friendship. It seems to imply a bit of frustration — ...
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Nothing Posted, Nothing Gained

Recruiters who don’t use social media for fear of the potential risks to their corporate brand are missing out on valuable client and candidate opportunities, according to recruitment ...
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Misclassifying Workers to Avoid Healthcare Mandates Can Backfire

While the Affordable Healthcare Act doesn’t go into full effect until 2014, the employee count to determine which employers meet the 50 full-time employee threshold for the Act’s ...
online community

4 Reasons why IT Services Companies Should Have a Blog

It’s rare to find an IT services and staffing company with a blog on their web site, and there are a number of reasons that we think this is the case. Some of it has to do with the ...
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