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Kevin O'Brien is co-founder of echogravity, a marketing agency that focuses on inbound marketing services for staffing agencies. He can be reached at kevin (at) echogravity (dot) com.

Improve Candidate Generation with an Age-Old Sales Strategy

The state of hiring in the tech field in recent years has been defined by a deep skills shortage and fierce competition for a small pool of available talent. For IT staffing firms, ...

How Often Should You Redesign Your Staffing Website?

Twenty-five years ago, websites weren’t even on the radar for most businesses. And for those companies that did have one, it essentially an online brochure, static in nature with ...

3 Mistakes that Keep Your Staffing Firm from Growing

Every staffing firm dreads hitting a plateau in their growth, especially after previously experiencing success expanding their production, placements, and revenue. What causes growth ...

What’s the Best Staffing Software for You?

Few factors will have as heavy an impact on the success or failure of a staffing firm as an applicant tracking system, which makes choosing the right one a critical decision. When one ...

The Challenge of Hiring Staffing Professionals in a Competitive Market

This post was written in collaboration with Robin Mee, President and Founder of Mee Derby. Robin is a highly-regarded staffing industry expert who helps national staffing firms find ...

How Does Your ATS Affect the Candidate Experience?

Less than a decade ago, the staffing industry was desperately hunting down prospective clients that hadn’t succumbed to a hiring freeze in the face of the Great Recession. The aftermath ...

4 Reasons why IT Services Companies Should Have a Blog

It’s rare to find an IT services and staffing company with a blog on their web site, and there are a number of reasons that we think this is the case. Some of it has to do with the ...

5 Scary Creatures Your Sales Manager Should Avoid

As we approach yet another Halloween season, we think about all of the scary things in the workplace and ponder their effects on our job. And, as the year winds down, sales managers ...

Don’t Burn Down the Farm

At echogravity, we commonly liken sales organizations to farms. Each year, farmers continue to sow their fields in order to reap the results from their back-breaking labor. Each spring, ...
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