We Are All Staffing Firms

all togetherI have been connected to the IT staffing industry for all 17 years of my professional career. Some would probably categorize me as a “staffing guy,” but I would like to argue the point that in the IT services industry, we are all staffing firms. The biggest measure of our success is how well our people take care of the client’s project.

At the end of the day I believe that we are all delivering valuable human capital to our client base. The implementations, installs, upgrades, design projects, and system conversions are all carried out by our single most important resource: people. I would further validate that statement by making the point that the very people making those decisions and commitments, are again people. Some come in the form of consultants, some subject matter experts, some project managers, and some client executives.

The truth is that the effective ones are successful in what they do, and a services company provides them to a client location. They don’t always hang the “Staffing Company” sign outside their front door, but they did deliver a great service through their staff.

Here’s another example. Not many people would put Taco Bell in the same category as Morton’s Steakhouse. But don’t they both provide food to their clients? The same distinction can be made between the “Mom & Pop” staffing firms and the industry giants. The value that the end client receives, or does not receive, comes directly from the effectiveness of the people involved in the project.

I love the various methodologies that companies roll out in their sales pitches. They are well thought out, well crafted, and often times poetic in their delivery. But, at the core of those sophisticated processes and procedures, people make or break the success of the engagement. Having good people who follow sound principles of business and ethically perform their job is a winning recipe every time.

Regardless of the size or sophistication of the company you are a part of, I’d urge everyone to remember how vitally important we are as people, and what a critical role we play in the success of day-to-day business. Take pride in your staff, both internal and client facing. In the end, that competitive edge will always be the ultimate measuring stick.

John Nyhart

John Nyhart
John Nyhart, area vice president, Pacific Northwest, South East and Florida regions, for MedSys Group.

John Nyhart

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