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tech connectionRecruiters who don’t use social media for fear of the potential risks to their corporate brand are missing out on valuable client and candidate opportunities, according to recruitment software developer, Bullhorn. In the current economic climate, recruiters not on the front line of social recruiting are lacking a key competitive edge.

According to Bullhorn’s 2013 Australian Recruitment Trends Report, 98 percent of recruiters use social media for recruiting purposes, an increase of six per cent from 2011.*

Some members of the business community have a perception that employees’ use of social media for work purposes may put the company’s brand at risk. However, the Australian Recruitment Trends Report has revealed that 50 percent of recruiters say one of the biggest benefits of using social media is the opportunity to build brand awareness.

Social media has become a primary tool for recruiters. Employers cannot afford to let fear of the unknown limit their opportunities to build their brand and connect with clients and candidates. A social recruiting strategy would help recruiters mitigate risky behavior that could affect the business. A social recruiting strategy should include a set of guidelines around appropriate social media usage and content, as well as etiquette for connecting with new people online.

A common sense approach to social media activity, such as ensuring consultants with access to social recruiting understand the company’s values, will ensure minimal – if any – risk to the brand. Just as in any other conversation, interaction via social media channels should aim to initiate interesting conversation, provide valuable insight and not be repetitive or offensive.

This post was submitted in response to this Feb. 13 Staffing Industry Analysts Daily News article

Ben Fuller

Ben Fuller
Sales Manager for Bullhorn Australia

Ben Fuller

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