Willful Misclassification

It is not uncommon for staffing companies serving as the employer of record to be sued along with the client company where that worker provided services. The typical claims made in ...
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What’s the Right Workforce Mix?

Lewis Carroll famously wrote: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” This is true in life and in business. My business is helping large, multi-national ...
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One Program, Different Countries

The world of solutions design fluctuates between the aspiration of “I want one program,” and the old adage, “We can’t do it this way because we are different.”  In a recent ...

Employee Retention: Push vs. Pull

This week I read a post by Maren Hogan on, The Real Reasons Your Employees Are Leaving You. Hogan references a recent infographic by Paycom that discusses the issue of ...

The Rise of the Integrated Workforce

Your parents or grandparents probably entered the workforce expecting a job for life, but the 21st century worker has a different perspective. An uncertain economy, changing workforce ...

Communicating Expectations: Attracting Top-Performers

When interviewing for internal candidates, we often hear the same comment. “The other roles for which I am interviewing are selling me on the company and position, but you just ...
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Corporate ADD (Attention Divided Dilemma)

In walked a father and his two young sons, dressed formally for a boys night out in Paris on New Year’s Eve. You could see the sense of pride in the eyes of the youths, most likely ...
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Selecting the Right Contingent Workforce Consultant

I was having a conversation a few days back with a former colleague around our favorite topic, contingent workforce solutions. We tossed around ideas that would surely revolutionize ...
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Demand for Healthcare Professionals High, Growing

While many people are struggling with finding a job or are trying to find growth in their current profession, opportunities for healthcare careers are excellent. The demand for healthcare ...

Always Doing the Right Thing

One of my favorite sayings is, “A man’s true integrity is measured by how he acts at times when nobody is watching.” This is a great slogan to always keep in mind when running ...
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