Demand for Healthcare Professionals High, Growing

While many people are struggling with finding a job or are trying to find growth in their current profession, opportunities for healthcare careers are excellent. The demand for healthcare professionals is still on the rise.  Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) indicate that the demand for both healthcare services and providers will grow by 70 percent over the next seven years.

There are a couple of reasons for this. There is the aging population to consider which will require more medical attention in the coming years. At the same time, many in this group who have delayed retirement will start leaving the workforce. This will open up vacancies across skill sets in different industries, including healthcare. Also due to the recession, many nurses who had not been working full time previously or who had retired returned to the workforce. As the economy improves, these professionals will eventually look to go back to part time work and eventually retirement. Some areas are already seeing a pick-up in demand. “Over the past six months we have seen the demand for nursing and management positions increase significantly in rural healthcare,” said Joe Brown, director of recruiting at Ironside Human Resources.

The shortage of healthcare professionals is compounded by the fact that fewer people are going to medical school, physical therapy and nursing school for training over the past decade. Meanwhile, hospitals are creating around 84,000 new jobs a year, according to the DOL. The department expects healthcare should continue to see significant job growth due to demand until 2020.

If you are looking for a new career or job growth, healthcare is a healthy choice.

Doug Carter

Doug Carter
Doug Carter is CEO of Ironside Human Resources. He can be reached at doug (at) ironsidehr (dot) com.

Doug Carter

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  1. Thanks a lot for this wonderful article, i was looking for this similar information because, i wanted to do something in Healthcare industry and now a days healthcare industry has lots of career opportunities and scope. So your article will be helpful for students like us.

  2. I believe that it should be a must in every company. It is a special privilege for the employees.

  3. The demands of healthcare professions are always found in a rapid increased way; just because of the rising demand of health care system around the world. People are preferring healthcare profession to get beneficial opportunities and to develop their skill and strategies.

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