Alan Kravitz Alan Kravitz
Alan Kravitz is founder and CEO of MedSys Group Consulting, a national Healthcare Information Technology firm.

Always Doing the Right Thing

One of my favorite sayings is, “A man’s true integrity is measured by how he acts at times when nobody is watching.” This is a great slogan to always keep in mind when running ...

Hiring the RIGHT Employees

Anyone who has ever opened a resume with a prospective hire in mind can tell you that hiring is an art and not a science.  Corporations have been hiring and firing people for hundreds ...

Building a Pyramid and not a Leaning Tower

The idea of building a successful business is appealing to almost everyone who has ever knotted up a tie to their starched dress shirt.  Any seasoned entrepreneur, however, will tell ...

Healthcare IT: “Taking its Medicine”

At one time or another we’ve all heard one or both of the familiar sayings, “Take two and call me in the morning,” or “It’s Time to take your medicine.” Taking our medicine ...
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